We systematically identify our environmental impact.

And set goals to improve our level of environmental protection and monitor how we did in the process. We develop and maintain good practices in our processes.

Technical plastic is an environmentally positive material in industry.

Plastic components can be manufactured in one piece, saving energy and simplifying our client’s processes.

As a responsible partner we improve our operations continually. We aim to utilize material efficiently and save energy, which gives positive impact to productivity and saves costs as well.

We are ISO14001 certified partner.

Key Flag

The Association for Finnish Work has awarded us the Key Flag symbol in recognition of a service produced in Finland that creates Finnish jobs.

  • Our service is produced in Finland.
  • Domestic content of the service must be at least 50 per cent of its break-even cost.
  • Finnish ownership.
  • Our management and head office is located in Virrat, Finland.

The Key Flag symbol is a mark of origin awarded to products made in Finland and services produced in Finland.

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