Injection moulding

Injection moulding is well suited for complex plastic solutions that demand precision.

  • Cost-effective method of mass production.
  • Precisely dimensioned components.
  • Wide variety of materials.
  • 0.02 kg–2.5 kg.

Injection moulding is also suitable for plastic components that need to be incombustible, able to withstand hot and cold and offer electrical conductivity.


Goalkeeper’s helmet

A goalkeeper’s helmet has to be made for rough circumstances, cold weather and intense strikes. Our wide range of materials and strong design ensures a durable solution.

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“VMT has offered good value for money and security of supply.”

Mauri Koivistoinen, alihankintainsinööri ja Janne Kärkkäinen, varaosamyyjä, Glaston

“VMT listens to feedback and takes it seriously. When I work with them, I can rest assured that everything will run smoothly.”

Petri Karvinen, CEO, Wall Mask

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