Päivi Häyrinen, Valtra:

“The partnership has been good and constructive.”

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Valtra is part of the global AGCO company. Valtra’s Quality Engineer Päivi Häyrinen works at the Suolahti tractor factory. The factory manufactures about 36 agricultural tractors in one day, and just under 8 000 tractors a year.

Virtain Muovityö Oy has cooperated with Valtra for about 20 years. The companies have worked together to develop plastic products that meet Valtra’s needs and to solve problems Valtra has faced. The cooperative development will continue also in the future.

Development work is done together

The cooperation first started because VMT was able to provide Valtra with plastic products that suited their needs. VMT was also located close by. VMT currently supplies Valtra with expansion and oil recovery tanks. Häyrinen feels that VMT’s strengths include their speed and the will to solve problems. She also says that VMT is very innovative.

– They want to cooperate and take part in solving problems both in their own production as well as here at the factory, Häyrinen says.

– In recent years, VMT has increased their level of expertise significantly. The development work still continues, says Häyrinen.

No quality deviations

Häyrinen says that the quality of VMT’s products meets the agreed specifications. This is important, because each component has its own vital role to play. The products also work as expected in practice, and there are no quality deviations. Häyrinen says that, all in all, the cooperation with VMT has been easy and direct.

– VMT is currently led by a youthful team that wants to move forward and has a lot of expertise to support it, Häyrinen sums up.

In brief

Customer experiences – Valtra

  • Cooperation for about 20 years
  • VMT’s strengths
  • speed
  • will to cooperate
  • will to solve problems
  • innovativeness
  • Cooperation is easy and direct
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