Use of recycled plastic

We are able to utilise recovered secondary plastic materials in many ways, using both injection moulding and blow moulding methods.

Over half of the plastic products we make are manufactured using recycled plastics. Our systematic development efforts aim at increasing the use of secondary materials in our production even more. We are seeking to become pioneers in the use of recycled raw materials.


The optimal choice of plastic raw material

We have worked hard to obtain the know-how required for utilising recycled raw materials extensively in our production.

Our product development is always carried out from the perspective of sustainable development. We optimise the use of plastic in a way that ensures that we are always using the correct material that suits the application.

So, our product development is geared towards making products as optimal and functional as possible and achieving the required strength characteristics with as little used plastic as possible. We also make sure that the products last for as long as they are needed, maximising their service life.


Recycled raw materials – we recycle all lost materials

The lost materials generated in our production are put to use as recycled raw materials. What losses we cannot recycle directly in our production processes we ship to our partner for regranulation before reuse.

We work closely together with Keskinen Recycling Oy, which is a plastic recycler for industrial needs and a supplier of reclaimed raw materials. Recycled material qualities are at a high level now, and we have done a lot of work over the years to accumulate know-how in plastic recycling.

We also use a lot of Finnish Fortum Circo in our production, which is manufactured from waste plastic collected from consumers. Circo mainly contains crushed plastic package waste, such as detergent bottles and other similar containers.


Would you like to know if a recycled material is the right choice for your product?

Let us help you with your choice of raw material, and let’s make a responsible plastic product together. We always optimise the use of plastic by using the right quantity of the right raw material for the application.

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