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Case Wall Mask

Petri Karvinen opened his doors to VMT in 1995 or 1996. That was the beginning of the two companies’ collaboration. Karvinen has been pleased with the flexible cooperation.


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Case Wall Mask

Petri Karvinen runs a business called Wall Mask. They manufacture Wall brand goalkeeper masks for ice hockey, hockey and floorball. VMT started manufacturing plastic parts for the helmets over 20 years ago.

A reliable partner who listens

“We especially appreciate how easy it is to talk to VMT. If problems occur, we can just pick up the phone or drop by for a visit,” says Karvinen. He also considers VMT a reliable supplier. Karvinen can recommend VMT as a business partner.

“I feel they have always taken my business seriously,” says Karvinen. He also thinks that VMT listens to feedback and takes it seriously. “VMT is a great company and business partner. When I work with them, I can rest assured that everything will run smoothly,” Karvinen says.

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