Petri Karvinen, Wall Mask:

“VMT is an agile partner.”

Tmi Petri Karvinen, a small business operating in Kihniö, has been manufacturing custom goalie masks under the Wall brand for 25 years. Virtain Muovityö started producing plastic parts for the Wall masks more than 20 years ago.

Entrepreneur Petri Karvinen first opened the door to VMT’s office in the mid-1990s. Cooperation between the companies has continued since then, and Karvinen has been particularly pleased with VMT’s flexibility.

VMT looks to the future

Karvinen says that VMT’s technical expertise has grown and the quality of their products has improved. Karvinen also compliments the company’s problem-solving skills.

Reliable and considerate partner

Karvinen says that the dialogue with VMT has been effortless and developing the cooperation has been easy. Karvinen says that VMT’s security of supply is so good that it sometimes surprises him.

– In my experience, VMT is an agile and trustworthy partner that is easy to work with. They are happy to receive and respond to feedback. The level of expertise in the company is also excellent, Karvinen sums up.

In brief

Customer experiences – Wall Mask

  • Cooperation for more than 20 years
  • VMT’s strengths
  • flexibility
  • security of supply
  • agility
  • problem solving skills
  • Cooperation is easy
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