Kari Kohtala, Jita Oy:

“VMT has been a pioneer in many areas.”

Jita Oy manufactures a variety of drainage and plumbing supplies: plastic pipes, wastewater systems, tanks, wells used in earthworks, and so on. Virtain Muovityö has cooperated with Jita since the beginning of the company.

High-level expertise

VMT supplies Jita with injection-molded and blow-molded products. Both companies know each other’s needs, which makes the cooperation smooth and flexible. VMT has cooperated with Jita since the beginning of the company.

– The level of expertise is very high. VMT has been a pioneer in many areas, says Kohtala.

– The price-quality ratio and security of supply are very good. If they weren’t, we wouldn’t be working with them, says Kohtala.

VMT’s and Jita’s offices are both located in Virrat, close to each other. The close proximity and familiarity enable open and flexible cooperation, as well as quick changes when necessary.

– I’m particularly pleased with the way that VMT handles changing situations. Being able to change the production programs, cycles or volumes quickly when needed is extremely important to us, Kohtala emphasizes.

– In my experience, VMT is a very family-centered company where everyone works for a common goal, says Kohtala.

In brief

Customer experience Jita Oy

• Long cooperation
• VMT’s strengths

• value for money
• security of supply
• expertise
• handling changing situations

• Open and flexible cooperation
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