Blow molding

Blow moulding is suitable for hollow and container-like thermoplastics, and the products resulting from the process are very cost-effective.

  • Container-like thermoplastics
  • Demanding technical plastic products
  • Diverse pipe structures
  • 0.2 l–400 l

Blow moulding is suitable for demanding technical plastic components.

The method can be used to manufacture hollow, container-like thermoplastics products without any seams. These containers provide possibilities to control chemical liquids and enable their use in pressurized systems.

The method is also suitable for creating very versatile pipe structures for air flow.

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VMT Pallet Collar

VMT Pallet collar has been manufactured by blow molding method and from material which fills the requirements for food. It is hygienic, washable, solid and takes heavy loads. It is light and foldable. When folded it fits in very small space. There are two sizes available, 1200 x 1000 mm and 1200 x 800 mm.

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