More environmentally friendly product

– We are in the circular economy sector. We make deep collection containers, says Samu Lahikainen, Molok’s Purchasing Manager. Molok and VMT Plastic have co-operated for almost the entire existence of Molok, about 30 years.

VMT Plastic supplies Molok with a few essential components that are not visible from the outside – but are very critical in terms of the container’s functionality.

VMT Plastic manufactures anchor stands for Molok, among other things, with which containers are anchored to the ground so that groundwater does not lift them up.
– As a result of product development project we got a more durable product, with less material. By saving material, the product is more environmentally friendly.

VMT Plastic also makes product subassemblies for Molok, which speeds up the processes in their assembly and also brings savings to the product lead time in Molok’s production.

– With the help of our co-operation, we have achieved material savings, which has meant savings of tens of thousands annually. In addition, we have been able to get parts stacked further, which reduces the lead time of our products in production, says Lahikainen.

– I recommend VMT Plastic to both larger and smaller companies. The customer does not need to be an expert, VMT takes care of that part. The customer states the needs and VMT plans, says Lahikainen.


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