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Do you need a minor or major plastic solutions?

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Do you need a minor or major plastic solutions?

We are in the business of delivering comprehensive plastic parts. We design and manufacture technical plastic products and the mould tools required in their production as custom solutions that are tailored to each customer’s needs.

We utilise our networks and strong expertise in plastics and product development for the benefit of the customer.

We provide comprehensive plastic solutions:

  • design and product development of plastic products
  • rapid prototypes
  • mould tools
  • contract manufacturing
  • acquisition of other required parts
  • assembly stages
  • storage

Our expertise is based on bold product development and nearly 50 years of experience.

Our plastic industry experts are always at your service, whether you need help with a small-scale plastic solution or a major project. We can come together and create a solution that perfectly fits your assembly.

The experts of the plastic industry are at your service.
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