Blow moulding

Blow moulding is suitable for hollow and container-like thermoplastics, and the products resulting from the process are very cost-effective.

  • Container-like thermoplastics
  • Demanding technical plastic products
  • Diverse pipe structures
  • 0.2 l–400 l

Blow moulding is suitable for demanding technical plastic components.

The blow moulding method can be used to manufacture hollow, container-like thermoplastics products without any seams. These containers provide possibilities to control chemical liquids and enable their use in pressurized systems.

Blow moulding is also suitable for creating very versatile pipe structures for air flow.

Have look at one of our blow molded product vmt-pallet-collar.


Injection moulding

Injection moulding is well suited for complex plastic solutions that demand precision.

  • Cost-effective method of mass production.
  • Precisely dimensioned components.
  • Wide variety of materials.
  • 0.02 kg–2.5 kg.

Injection moulding is also suitable for plastic components that need to be incombustible, able to withstand hot and cold and offer electrical conductivity.

A goalkeeper’s helmet has to be made for rough circumstances, cold weather and intense strikes. Our wide range of materials and strong design ensures a durable solution.


3D-printed quick models are key elements in our product development.
You can try out our quick models in real configurations or use it already for marketing purposes. Tailored quick models are essential for revealing technical details at an early development stage. This way, we are able to save time and money, as there is no need for expensive mould changes. Imagination is the only limit when manufacturing products through rapid prototyping.


We also manufacture the moulds we use. Because we possess all the necessary information, the mould manufacturing is efficient.

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