According to our customers

”VMT wants to cooperate and participate in solving problems both in their manufacturing processes and at the factory.”

“VMT has offered good value for money and security of supply.”

“VMT listens to feedback and takes it seriously. When I work with them, I can rest assured that everything will run smoothly.”

VMT looks forward

To be able to serve our clients better we keep constantly imporving our operations. Our clients say that our technical knowledge has increased, and our product quality improved since then. They also rate our problem-solving skills highly.

Continual improvment:

  • ISO9001 and ISO14001 -certificates granted by Kiwa Inspecta.
  • We raise automation state to guarantee new positions.
  • We keep updating our production management system.
  • We keep impoving production methods.
  • We cooperate with schools.

Reliable partner

We conduct an annual customer survey to find out what our clients think about our services and how we could improve them further. The 2018 survey reveals that our customer satisfaction is at a high level and we were able to meet our clients’ expectations.

Reliable partner.

A reliable high-quality supplier. We have been in co-operation for over 30 years, during which time everything has gone smoothly.

Everything has worked well and the products are of high quality.

(Customer Survey 2018)


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