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Case Glaston

VMT: a partner that offers dialogue


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VMT has been subcontracting partner for Glaston for over a decade

Over the years collaboration has grown and Glaston has broadened its range of VMT products. Glaston thinks communication with VMT is a real dialogue.

Glaston is a global manufacturer of glass-processing machinery. Both Subcontracting Engineer Mauri Koivistoinen and Spare Part Sales Engineer Janne Kärkkäinen consider collaboration with VMT positive.

“We first found out about VMT in 2006–2007 via their swivel castors. Since then, we’ve broadened our range of VMT products,” Koivistoinen says.

VMT meets requirements

“We both have a long history in the plastics industry, and with die-cast components. Because of that, we know what we want, and we request it. VMT has been great at meeting our requirements,” Kärkkäinen says.

“It has been easy to discuss things with them, and they have actively presented their own solutions for improving our products and services.”

“It has been more like a relaxed chat than a negotiation. The communication works well in both directions,” Koivistoinen says.

“Overall, VMT has offered good value for money and security of supply.”

Quality-price ratio

Both Koivistoinen and Kärkkäinen say don’t have to get in touch with VMT for the little things. Deliveries are always on schedule and Glaston has no complaints.

“On the whole, it has been a positive experience,” Kärkkäinen says.

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