Excellent price, quality and security of supply

Glaston Oyj Abp is an internationally operating company that manufactures glass processing machines.


Glaston’s Subcontracting Engineer Mauri Koivistoinen and Spare Part Sales Engineer Janne Kärkkäinen both have positive experiences in their cooperation with VMT Plastic.

– Our cooperation with VMT Plastic started more than ten years ago when they manufactured a swivel castor for us. The selection of products delivered to us by VMT Plastic has since expanded, says Koivistoinen.

– We both have a lot of experience in the plastic product industry and injection-molded components. Because of this experience, we at Glaston know what we want and need. VMT Plastic has been able to meet our demands excellently, says Kärkkäinen.

The people at Glaston think that discussion with VMT Plastic is very easy. VMT Plastic actively promotes their own solutions and considers how to improve their products and services.

– Our discussions are more like friendly chats. The communication works both ways, ponders Koivistoinen.

Kärkkäinen and Koivistoinen think that VMT Plastic’s price-quality ratio and security of supply are good. There is no need for additional phone calls, as the goods are always delivered according to schedule.

– Our cooperation with VMT Plastic has been positive in all respects, Kärkkäinen sums up.


In brief

Customer experiences – Glaston

Cooperation for more than 10 years
VMT Plastic’s strengths
  • Value for money
  • Security of supply
  • Expertise
  • Discussion is easy
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