A growing plastics factory

VMP Plastic has received reinforcements in the form of Eila Teivainen, a LEAN specialist-in-training. Her expertise in development and quality work is robust and, most important of all, she has a genuine passion for development.

– As a company, VMT has a positive attitude towards development, Teivainen says and praises the company that cooperates with her as part of her studies.

Teivainen began her LEAN training in the Department of Technology of the Häme University of Applied Sciences in November. She takes on the challenge of clarifying everyday operations at VMT and is especially adept at harnessing the knowhow, ideas and problem-solving abilities of our expert staff.

As an academic engineer who majored in material technology, she got right down to business immediately: after the first few weeks she had already held effective and fruitful workshops for staff members and engaged in vigorous conversation regarding development.

– Ella has started to take things forward at an especially brisk pace, says CEO Marja Mäkinen with admiration.

Larger facility for blow moulding and scaling up of injection moulding

There is no shortage of work or development targets for Teivainen. VMT is expanding its blow moulding production and relocating it to a larger facility by the end of the year. VMT’s injection moulding capacity will also be elevated to an entirely new level with the acquisition of a new Engel injection moulding machine.

– We are growing. Currently we are in the process of relocating our production to new premises that will triple the size of our production facilities. We have also made investments into machinery, says CEO Marja Mäkinen.

The new machines will enable a wider product selection.

– With an even more powerful machine stock we will be able to offer our customers a competitive edge by utilising the latest technology. Our investments also allow us to expand our product selection to cover many new types of products and raw materials, says Mäkinen to sum up the developments.

Thanks to the reorganisation of production, VMT will now have access to large indoor storage spaces that further improve the quality of the products as there is no longer a need to expose the products to the effects of weather during storage.

– A well planned layout ensures cost-effective production. With this change we are developing our workstations and making our material streams more efficient, says Teivainen.

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